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A few weeks after the initial announcements around Dynamics 365, I wrote a post titled something like “The Fog Clears”. With Microsoft’s response to the reaction from the Directions announcements, some fog is clearing, but some fog has shifted… to a different partner type. Albert Einstein said it Best “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” That is neither the first, nor last time I will use that quote. It really sums up the job of a Microsoft Partner today, and Microsoft for that matter. Right now all of this conversation is happening between Microsoft and its partners, its important, and it is taking place in the public square, but honestly, most customers aren’t tuning in. If they do, it quickly sounds like inside baseball and they tune back out. But at some point, we, meaning partners, will have to explain “simply” to that customer ... (more)

Dynamics 365 – The Missing Piece for AppSource

I decided to step away from the third-rail and talk about something else. If you are a Dynamics 365 Partner, you should already know about AppSource. Maybe you have already published an App, or are thinking about it, or maybe you are just thinking about it as a place to add some functionality for your customers. AppSource is great, but it is missing one piece that would make it Awesome. Why AppSource? Okay, I am aware that not everybody has the time to explore every single thing that Microsoft shoots our way. To be fair, only a small segment of partners will even be interested ... (more)

RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365

Forceworks RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365 Last week RIM launched the Blackberry Business Cloud Service for Office 365, this new service which is  managed by RIM extends Microsoft Exchange Online to BlackBerry smartphones and allows administrators to self-manage their Blackberry deployments in the Cloud. Quick Overview: Available to Office 365 Enterprise subscribers Hosted by RIM directly links to Exchange Online service BlackBerry Business Cloud Services offer mobile access to synchronised email, calendar, contacts, tasks and memo pads. ... (more)

WPC is now in the rear view mirror

Forceworks WPC is now in the rear view mirror Well, I will have to say, WPC was a blast. I know it was a couple of months ago, but this is the first chance I had to write about it. Microsoft’s annual conference for partners was chock full of information. A laundry list of upcoming applications and features as well as the long overdue retirement of some applications, both of which will be of interest to our clients. Before I dive into some of those items however, I feel compelled to toot my own horn a little… okay, I can hardly wait to share my minute in the limelight. I was honor... (more)

The SharePoint Toolbox Series – Futureproofing

Forceworks The SharePoint Toolbox Series – Futureproofing One of the often touted virtues of Software as a Service delivered via the Cloud is always having the latest release of whatever you may be using. That does sound pretty cool… I mean, who wouldn’t want the latest and greatest? Not only are you getting all the cool new features, but you are also getting bug fixes, security updates, speed enhancements, and there’s one more… uh gimme a sec… oh yeah… all your stuff broken. If you ask any IT professional working for a mid to enterprise sized business what he fears most about c... (more)