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Let me preface by saying, I am not an ERP Guy. At our own firm, we use QuickBooks, even though we have access to Microsoft ERP software at no cost. Is QuickBooks better? Far from it, but is it good enough? A QuickBooks Alternative? When I first started seeing, what was then known as “Project Madeira”, I remember thinking, “Uhoh, QuickBooks better watch out, Microsoft is coming“. In fact, in those early days, it was presented as a preview of a QuickBooks “alternative”. It sure looked like one. But QuickBooks had quite a head-start. Intuit, founded in 1983 as a personal finance software, quickly moved to small business, and has “owned” that market ever since. It currently has at least three times as many subscribers, just to it’s online version, than it’s next competitor. Microsoft was not even on that map. An ambitious undertaking to be sure. For the QuickBooks “Out... (more)

Dynamics 365 – Dropping the “C” from “CRM”

A tweet caught my eye the other day, it was a quote from Richard Branson that went something like, “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.” I could not shake this from my brain, so I thought I would try and crystallize my thoughts by writing about it. Customers First? I have been around the CRM space for a long time, 10 years with and now 6 years with Dynamics 365. One constant has been this idea that everything we are doing is for the customer, the customer is the priority. I am not a Branson fanboy, I am indifferent, bu... (more)

Are you ready for the transition from Hardware-Centric to Software-Centric?

Forceworks Are you ready for the transition from Hardware-Centric to Software-Centric? Do you ever talk to an “Old” IT person? You know, like 40ish. Man, do they have some stories about how IT used to be back in the day. Things sure have changed a lot. You probably think to yourself “Man, they have no idea how things are now”. How about a “Middle-Aged” IT person? You know like 30ish. They have stories too, and things have changed a lot since then as well. You may be thinking “That guy is really losing touch”. It seems to come in waves… change that is. Well another wave is crashin... (more)

RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365

Forceworks RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365 Last week RIM launched the Blackberry Business Cloud Service for Office 365, this new service which is  managed by RIM extends Microsoft Exchange Online to BlackBerry smartphones and allows administrators to self-manage their Blackberry deployments in the Cloud. Quick Overview: Available to Office 365 Enterprise subscribers Hosted by RIM directly links to Exchange Online service BlackBerry Business Cloud Services offer mobile access to synchronised email, calendar, contacts, tasks and memo pads. ... (more)

Damn you Microsoft!!!

I can hear it, can you? A popular podcaster, Jason Calacanis has advised companies in the past to be wary of launching a technology product on top of someone else’s platform. Many great Facebook and Twitter apps have simply been knocked off by the platforms, and subsequently knocked right out of business. Calacanis himself fell victim as his business at the time was largely dependent on YouTube, and while Google did not knock off his content, they simply made a change to the search which orphaned his content… same result. And now here we have Microsoft. Talk about being dependen... (more)