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Forceworks Are you ready for the transition from Hardware-Centric to Software-Centric? Do you ever talk to an “Old” IT person? You know, like 40ish. Man, do they have some stories about how IT used to be back in the day. Things sure have changed a lot. You probably think to yourself “Man, they have no idea how things are now”. How about a “Middle-Aged” IT person? You know like 30ish. They have stories too, and things have changed a lot since then as well. You may be thinking “That guy is really losing touch”. It seems to come in waves… change that is. Well another wave is crashing the beach, and if you are not paying attention, you too could soon be “that guy” who has lost touch, maybe you feel you are already slipping. If you are not on the side that knows that “Cloud is Inevitable”, you are on the wrong side… or living in denial. Don’t believe me? Click the link ... (more)

RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365

Forceworks RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365 Last week RIM launched the Blackberry Business Cloud Service for Office 365, this new service which is  managed by RIM extends Microsoft Exchange Online to BlackBerry smartphones and allows administrators to self-manage their Blackberry deployments in the Cloud. Quick Overview: Available to Office 365 Enterprise subscribers Hosted by RIM directly links to Exchange Online service BlackBerry Business Cloud Services offer mobile access to synchronised email, calendar, contacts, tasks and memo pads. ... (more)

How I.T. can create value exceeding their expense

Forceworks How I.T. can create value exceeding their expense Let’s face it, I.T. is a big expense. As a former CEO of several organizations, I can tell you looking at the I.T. expense is a head shaker. Chalked up as a “cost of doing business” today, I.T. is a significant line item on just about any company’s budget. It is also one of those items that is considered “non-revenue generating”, like rent or accounting fees. And, like many CEO’s, when you question the I.T. expense, you will get a litany of reasons that you won’t understand that all sum up with the idea that the world ... (more)

Dynamics CRM 2013 Feature Dive – Guided Process

Forceworks Dynamics CRM 2013 Feature Dive – Guided Process Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has a lot of very cool new features; I could probably write a ten-page blog post on all of them, but I am way too lazy for that. Plus I can probably milk this angle for a good ten posts so here’s the first one. If you have the last, and as of the date of this writing, current version of Dynamics CRM, you were introduced to the “Guided Process”. The “Guided Process” is a simple concept that falls into the category of “why hasn’t this existed all along”. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2103, this con... (more)

How to Price your Microsoft I.P.

Since I have been pretty forthcoming about our journey to build Microsoft I.P., I am now getting questions in my email. One question that seems to pop up frequently, is how to figure out what to charge for your I.P.. Guess what? I have opinions on that! What a surprise. I.P. is Worth What Someone will Pay This seems obvious, but I have talked to many who say “We worked really hard on this I.P. and we are need to get $X for it“. There are some high-value solutions, that were pretty easy to build, and there are some low-value solutions, that were very complicated to build. If you bu... (more)